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Terms of Service

Terms of Service for AmericanChemLab

  1. AmericanChemLab (here forth known as “ACL”) products are strictly for research purposes only. Research applications are strictly prohibited in humans or animals. We do not accept any liability for how the product is used after receipt from the customer.
  2. We comply and follow all federal and state US laws. Some states do not allow certain products to be sold, and these laws frequently change. We diligently research laws pertaining to the sale and possession of ACL products and will not ship to any state where sale or distribution is illegal. It is the responsibility of the customers to ensure all state and local laws are met and followed according to acting authorities. ACL is not responsible for any legal action taken against any but not limited to entity, purchaser, researcher, lab, or person arrested, interrogated, detained, or fined local law enforcement.
  3. The customer is fully responsible for safe storage of the product after receiving it from ACL. Be aware of the disclaimer you sign ensuring your full understanding of the products and their dangers. Our chemicals can be poisonous and must at all times be kept locked up, out of reach of children, unqualified, and unsuspecting humans and/or animals. Failure to do so may result in potentially fatal consequences. ACL is not legally responsible for actions taken after customer receipt.
  4. We reserve to right to restrict sale to anyone at any time for any reason. Due to the dangers of some of our chemicals, we reserve the right to ask you for additional information at the time of purchase. Questions asked may be relevant to the research the customer is conducting and proper PPE and equipment the customer has. Depending on why we restrict sale to the customer, we will either refund the customer’s order immediately, or try to work with the customer to find a safer solution.
  5. If we are suspicious about any order, we may place a hold until identification and requested information is sent. This is for security reasons only. Any personal identification we request is not held nor is it shared, sold, or given to any third parties.
  6. Reselling our products or distribution is strictly prohibited. Doing so will result in a ban on the account and litigious action may be taken.
  7. Under no circumstances do we sell to minors. You must confirm your age before purchasing. Please confirm age under “Agreement for Purchasing” found in the “Terms and Conditions” tab. Attempting to order underage will result in a permanent ban from our website. We reserve the right to request photo ID if we have reason to suspect the customer may be underage.
  8. ACL sells products “as is” and reserves the right to change packaging and pricing at any time without notice. Images representing the products advertised may not accurately represent an ordered product for any reason, e.g. if the container type needs to be changed. We do our best to accurately represent all products to the best of our ability. 
  9. Returns are usually not practiced by ACL; however, if a product is defective, mislabeled, incorrect, or missing via USPS, we will work with you to issue a free replacement with an additional gift chosen at the time. If the customer is still dissatisfied, a full return may be granted. Evidence of product problems must be submitted and reviewed (1-5 business days from when evidence is received) by ACL before action can be taken to correct the mistake.

Privacy Policy

  1. ACL may collect personal data such as a customer’s full legal name, address, email, as well as phone and ID at ACLs discretion. Customer details will not be shared, sold, or given to any third party under any circumstance. Customer information may be securely stored on our website as a record of sale, record keeping purposes, etc. solely for internal purposes.
  2. Any credit card information and/or transactions we conduct are securely processed and protected by SSL encryption. This protects your information from fraud, thieves, etc. We use secure third-party credit card processors, ensuring your safety. We do not store nor are we able to see any cardholder information on our website.
  3. We have the option for customers to subscribe to a digital mailing list for discounts, promotions, sales, etc. This is completely optional. You will not be subscribed to the list automatically unless you fill out the subscription form on ACL’s home page. Providing your email in an order, to ask ACL support, to leave a comment, etc. will be kept private and will not be added to the digital mailing list. You have to really try to get onto the mailing list. If you are added to the list and want to be removed, simply email support@americanchemlab.com with the subject “subscription unsubscribe.”

Download Terms of Service (pdf)


Terms and usage agreement

Terms of Service Agreement

Useage Agreement

Directions for Terms of Service Agreement (Must be done only once)

Boxes 1-2 are obvious

3) Must be real email address!

4) Write a very brief statement about your intended product use and associated research.

5) Copy the text below into Agreement box, inserting your name

I, insert full legal name here, have read and agree to all stated Terms of Service for AmericanChemLab (ACL).  I do not hold ACL legally liable should I mishandle, misuse, or keep ACL products safe.  

Questions? Concerns? 

For questions or concerns regarding the Terms of Service, please email support@americanchemlab.com or call 415-669-4887, and someone will get back to you within 24-48 hours.  Email is preferred.  Thank you!