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We are setting up new equipment now, so we should be moving along faster with all current orders.  Thank you.

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Notice from 2/27/2018: Regarding Order confirmations, Shipping, and tracking IDs

All invoices on orders placed before 10 pm 2/27 have been processed, printing labels printed, and tracking numbers assigned.  We are aware of our delay and have recruited help so many orders should go out tomorrow,2/28. Please bear with us  as we streamline to get this week's overexpected order amount filled and shiped.

Regarding Tracking #s: We like to release the numbers personally when we know they're in the mailing system, but we may change it to an automatic system once from once it sent. We have the system in place now.

Also, currently Swipe is down for 2/28, and will be handled. Sorry about that. Please use PayPal!

Thank you all for your faith and trust in us. We are tryin our best. 

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Why Our Lab

We try to provide custom solutions to tailor to the specifics of your experimental or laboratory needs.  We will work with you to reformulate existing products to meet you needs.  

We have a sourcing service for new chemicals for you, taking the burden off you, your lab, or your purchasing agent, providing you with low cost options and solutions. For more info, contact support@americanchemlab.com

How We Help

We work with Researchers, University students, laboratories, CROs, and independent researchers to supply valuable reagents and consumables specifically in the GABAergic area of research.

Experience the Difference

Try us out! We are willing to work out special pricing, samples, and troubleshooting product issues.  Email us at support@americanchemlab.com for inquires into how to can assist your lab accomplish it's mission.


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Chemical sales

We sell chemicals and reagents directly from the USA relevant to current academic areas of interest including GABAergic studies and analytical chemistry. 

Custom Formulations

We provide low cost reformulations of products to fit your research needs.  This might include customers that buy Etizolam can request a change in % composition, solvent, concentrations, etc. We take customer service seriously and are among trusted Etizolam vendors

Chemical Sourcing

We all know sourcing new chemicals for specific research needs can be tedious and difficult.  We use existing contacts to find low cost solutions to products you desire.

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